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Free Walking Tour in Lima | Cusco | Arequipa | Barranco | Miraflores

Thanks for taking your precious time to check our world-famous Original Free Walking Tour concept in Peru: (Lima, Cusco, Arequipa and more) in the hands of Locally-born & Licensed Indigenous Tour Guides by InkanMilkyWay, with over 5 years in the Market, we are the first stop on each city for many tourists, delivering the best gratuity-based Model that puts the power back into the hands of the modern-day travelers | In our daily Free tours in Peru History & Culture comes on Top(Not Bars), this is what it makes us different from the competitors therefore you can see our great reviews on TripAdvisor, Facebook or Google Maps, We see you in our enjoyable, useful and memorable free walking tours.

NOTE: Do your best to get to the Correct Meeting and the Proper Uniform because there are many people claiming to work with us; when in reality those competitors are poaching our customers.

Free Walking Tour Lima

Experience the most Modern and Trendiest tours Worldwide! Live up our Original Free Walking Tour Lima, Capital of Peru, Most important City for 32 million of Peruvians, This city was once also the Capital of the Viceroyalty of Peru during the Colonial Period | In our walks we focus on culture & history that´s why we don´t take you inside Bars, we value your precious time; We have guided tours in 100% English, if you only speak Spanish we also have tours en Español | Our Lima free walking tours take place mainly in Lima historical centre(old Colonial Town) | We will heat most important touristic and not touristic spots by walking during 2.5 to 3.5 hours so we love visitors who love walking and history!

Free Walking Tour Cusco

Walk off the beaten path! Explore Cusco historical centre on foot by joining our Original Free Walking Tour Cusco guided by Lovely Cheerful Tour Guides who will show the Heart of the Inka Empire Civilization by addressing the most important historical spots from both the Inka and Colonial Period | You can’t definitely miss this city in foot, a millenary town of at least 3000 years old, a city which was the capital of the Inca Empire and also played a very important role doe the emancipation of many South American countries, since this is the place where we had the first Revolution back in 1781 by Tupaq Amaru II The Most famous South American Indigenous Warrior born to the Andes of Cusco, Indigenous Founding Father of Peruvians!

Free Walking Tour Arequipa

Discover the history, culture, gastronomy and secrets of Arequipa by joining the Coolest Free Walking Tour in Arequipa ran by Awesome Tour Guides; Our Free Walks in Arequipa take place in the historical Centre since this is the heart of many historical events that happened for city, the second most important one in Peru after Lima indeed Arequipa was once the Capital of Peru | This city is also the cradle of the most admired thinkers and writers in Peru such as Mario Vargas Llosa, awarded with the novel prize in 2010, Pedro Paulet, Father of Modern Astronautics, Everardo Zapata Santillana Creator of Coquito(Stories for kids) and more because of this Arequipa is known as “The Southern Lion” or “Capital of Neoliberalism".

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