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Free Walking Tour Arequipa | Indigenous Free Tour of Arequipa in the Historical Centre

Unveil the Pre-Colombian and Spanish history of this city by joining our Free Walking Tour Arequipa in the historic center of this remarkable metropolis. | This city is also known as “La Ciudad Blanca” or "The White City" because during the Spanish Period many churches and palaces were erected by using the Sillar Stones (white volcanic stones – also described as pearly white volcanic rocks)! | This fantastic city, unlike almost all towns in Peru, is located at the foot of the Misti Volcano. Therefore, the original name of this city in the local language (Quechua) is Are-Q´epha, which means city behind the volcano (are=city & q´epha= behind). | There are many reasons for you to visit this city while enjoying walking; we hope to see you in our daily Free Walking Tour in Arequipa.

Why to reserve with us?

  • 100% Indigenous Team
  • It´s Free to Book!
  • You help Local People!
  • Instant Confirmation!

Details about our Free Walking Tour Arequipa.

We have two Free Walking Tour Meet up Times in Arequipa with similar itinerary, so you can only choose one!

Meet up Times:

7 Days of the Week at 10 am & 3 pm!

Meeting Place:

Santa Catalina Street 204 inside The Chaqchao Choco Museo.

How to Identify Your Tour Guide?

Look for our Operator at the Correct Meeting Place; Look for Free Tour Downtown Arequipa!


Approximately 2.5 to 3 hours!


Free - Donation basis as neither our tour guides nor any team member has set salaries!


All free tours are guided fully in English | However, if you wish your free walking tour Arequuipa to be in Spanish, follow us here


Tour Type:

It´s a free, nonprivate group tour.| Groups can be significant sometimes; therefore, our guides use speakers!

Please Bring:

Warm clothes at all times!

Tour Ending Place:

Near the Main Square.


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Historic center tour by foot, please scroll down and click on tour to see more about the agenda | The Route may change if there are strikes, festivities or holidays!

Read Detailed Itinerary of each tour:

(btw you can only book one, the routes are similar for all of them)


Our Meeting Place is Calle Santa Catalina 204
Look for Chaqchao Choco Museo
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What is a free walking tour in Arequipa?

FreeWalkingToursPeru is pleased to present our name-your-own-price guided tours in Arequipa! You name the price at the end of the excursion. If you loved your tour guide, reward him or her, that is what is known as the free tour concept. | Please join our witty and well-informed tour guides, let them show you the city during the 2.5 to 3 hours, history-filled tour. Meet other travelers, make friends, get valuable travel tips from your tour guides, and at the end of your trip tip your tour guides. It is as simple as that! If you are in a hurry or you have other scheduled tours in this city you can always leave the free tour early!

Why free walking tours in Arequipa?

FreeWalkingToursPeru’s Team has decided to partner up with very trendy and enthusiastic tour guides who starting in 2016 opened the first free walking tour in Arequipa. We have used our experience in Cusco and Lima to create an excellent tip basis concept in Arequipa. The fusion has been outstanding for both the tourists and the tour guides. | As in Cusco and Lima, most tour agencies offer the same classic city tours with good quality, however, instead, we decided to go beyond these regular outings by providing alternative tours on foot at no upfront cost. In this way, everyone, regardless of their budget can join us! So, what are you waiting for? Join us now and experience this city with real, local guides. You will not be disappointed!

Pictures of our Walkers & Guides on Action!


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