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Live up 6000 years of Arequipa history told in a very professional way without no hard feeling at all but lots of enthusiasm, charisma, knowledge and pro-going attitude from our Local team of Arequipa | Our Free City Tour is designed for all visitors who are responsive to history cause we don’t tell nothing but history only | Why to join a free tour rather than a classic city tour? Reason is very simple, a free tour system based tours put the power in the hands of Visitors so that you can reward the service of your guide in direct proportion of the tour quality, this means show up your gratitude properly (tourists who don´t have the tipping culture are not allowed), this is one of the driving keys that make a free walking tour very thought-provoking if not the best, in a modern-day tourism industry | The what are u waiting for¡¡¡ explore the city by walking, Be an Explorer Don’t be a Tourist.

NOTE: All our free tours in Arequipa (10am & 3pm – Monday to Sundays) are the same or similar, so you can only take one free tour.


Free Tour Meet up Time: 10am from Monday to Sunday

Meeting PlaceSanta Catalina Street 204 inside The Chaqchao Choco Museo.

How to find our Meeting Place? We are just one block behind the Cathedral.

Walking Tour Length: 2.5 to 3 hours.

Our Happy Official Tour Guide wears:  Nothing, Just show up at the correct meeting point – NO Uniform

To bring: Warm Cloth, Hats, sunglasses, walking shoes and a jumper.

Price: FREE – Donation basis.

Language: Groups in English & Spanish, you choose your language | Si hablas español debes de venir al free tour de las 10am & 3pm(Lunes a Sábado), Los Free Tours cada Domingo es solamente en Ingles.

To Consider: You might get confused with other people, pls show up at the correct meeting point & Our free tours in Cusco are operated by Inkan Milky Way Tours Cusco, a 100% Indigenous Peruvian Co, follow us here.


Spots we are going to visit:

Below itinerary is changeable because of many reasons: festivals, strikes, holydays, car traffics, rainy season, etc. if you are a Blogger, Top rated TripAdvisor Criticizer, Lonely Planet Agent or just a highly demanding customer, then we ask you kindly to check our policies to avoid misunderstandings; Nonetheless we will do our best so that you can have a great experience with us.

  • Join us at Santa Catalina Street #204 at 10am in the Chocolate factory, just one block behind the Plaza de Armas. See our Google Maps for our Free Tours by Foot powered by Free Tour Downtown Arequipa.
  • You will have a chance to taste some chocolates and also learn the benefits of enjoying this exotic fruit seeds native to the American Continent, brought to Europe by the Spaniards.
  • After this we will head to Plaza de Armas to see the Cathedral, the main catholic building dating back to the 17th century, the Water Fountain (once the main source of water for citizens from the colonial times, also a source of water for horses, alpacas, llamas and more) and The Jesuit Cloister of the Company of Jesus.
  • At this tour we will take you to the San Camilo Market designed by Alexander Eiffel, the same man who has designed the Eiffel tower in Paris, France.
  • Since we are on the Andes we have arranged this walking tour to see the Alpaca Zoo, where you we will show you how to differ Alpaca from Llama? Or how to tell original alpaca wool? Keep mind you are not obligated to buy nothing.
  • All our morning walking tours not just all places mentioned above but lots of answers to your questions, travel emotions, stereotypes and traditional local standard urban plans.
  • We will finish this tour by having some Pisco Sours.
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Free Walking Tour Arequipa at 10:00 am
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