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Free Walking Tour Arequipa at 10am

Catch up on 6000 years of Arequipa history while taking part in the best Free Walking Tour in Arequipa. Our competent tour guides will address the most significant hot spots and expertly explain the historical significance to you. Our Free Tour in Arequipa is the best opportunity to unveil the history of this metropolis in a short time with our enthusiastic and charismatic guides who are always keen to make a delightful day for you.

Green Tour on Foot! Walking City Tour Arequipa is an eco-friendly Tour! Take into consideration that this tour is not traditional city tour where you explore Monastery of Santa Catalina or “The Ice Inca Girl” from indoors. During this tour, we will devote time to remarkable places in the historical center while strolling among the city’s history! Once the outing completed, you can visit some of the suggested museums on your own. The Walking City Tour Arequipa experience, all in all, is a fantastic way to have a useful orientation trip!

To Consider: Tour Operation Days: 7 days of the week at 10am | Duration is 2.5 hours and conducted on foot. | Language is 100% English. | To see more free tour departures click here | for Spanish free tour click here!

Free Tour Itinerary Arequipa

The Itinerary may change because of strikes, festivities, or holidays!

  1. Join us your tour guide at Santa Catalina Street #204 at 10 am in the Chocolate Factory, which is just one block behind the Plaza de Armas! Look for Free Tour Downtown Arequipa sign held by your tour leader!
  2. You will have a chance to taste some chocolates and also learn the benefits of enjoying this exotic fruit seeds native to the South American Continent and subsequently brought to Europe by the Spaniards.
  3. After this we will head to Plaza de Armas to see the Cathedral, the central Catholic building dates back to the 17th century. The Water Fountain was once the primary source of water for citizens from back in colonial times. The fountain also was a source of water for horses, alpacas, llamas, the Jesuit Cloister of the Company of Jesus, and many of the city’s citizens.
  4. During this tour, we will take you to the San Camilo Market, which was planned by Alexander Eiffel, the same man who has designed the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France.
  5. Since we are on the Andes we have arranged this walking tour to see the Alpaca Zoo, where we will show you how to differ Alpaca from Llama fiber? Or how to tell original alpaca wool? Keep mind you are not obligated to buy anything.
  6. Since we are in the Andes, we have arranged this walking tour to see the Alpaca Zoo, where we will show you how to distinguish Alpaca from Llama fiber? Alternatively, how to recognize original alpaca wool? Keep in mind you are not obligated to buy anything here.
  7. During all our morning Arequipa Walking Tours you not only visit all the places mentioned above, but you will also learn the answers to your queries, acquire travel tips and hear anecdotes!
  8. We will finish this walking tour very near the main square!


Our Meeting Place is Calle Santa Catalina 204
Look for Chaqchao Choco Museo
our meeting point for arequipa city free walking tours


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