10 free things to do in Lima, Peru.

Hello World, today we are going to talk about the 10 free things you can do in Lima city. One of the most cosmopolitan capitals of Latin America is Lima, for its not only architectural beauty, food and climate. It is also a city that allows its visitors to do many things free. Still do not realize all the benefits of walking around the capital? Read more in the blog !

1 – Visit the Kennedy Park – Located in the heart of Miraflores, in Lima. In the afternoons and weekends, there are a good number of artisans and painters who exhibit their works. As well as groups of musicians and recreational games for children.

kennedy park in lima miraflores

2 – Visit the Love Park – Have a picnic “with an ocean view” in one of the Miraflores Malecón’s parks: Parque del Amor.

love of park of lima miraflores

3 – House of Peruvian Literature – Participate in some of the activities of the House of Peruvian Literature (Jiron Ancash 207), such as exhibitions, movies, book presentations or storytelling.

house of peruvian literature
4 – Visit the Museo de Sitio Bodega y Quadra (Jr. Ancash 213), the only archaeological site in the Historic Center of Lima that shows a republican house completely restored.

house of bodega y cuadra

5 -Visit the centro cultural Garcilaso de la Vega Cultural. We recommend you visit the Garcilaso de la Vega Cultural Center (Jirón Ucayali 391) and enjoy its various exhibitions.

6 – Visit the Church of Santa Rosa de Lima (Av. Tacna with Jr. Callao) – Admission is free, both to the church and to the house of Santa Rosa, where you can visit her hermitage, her room, and The wishing well.

church of saint rose of lima
7 -Visit the Theme Park –  See the airplanes and helicopters of the Air Force of Peru Theme Park (a few meters from the intersection of Elmer Faucett Ave. and Bocanegra Ave., and before the entrance to Grupo Aéreo Nº8, which is located in Callao ), this experience will be fabulous.

militar park of lima

8 – Visiting Casa Mariátegui (Jr. Washington 1946) will help you learn about the representative characters of Peru’s cultural, artistic, labor and political life since the beginning of the 20th century.

house of jose carlos mariategui
9 – Visit the  Skate Park – See an aerodynamic show at the Skate Park: Located in Miraflores. It has a total area of 2,600 square meters and is divided into an area dedicated to the sport of skateboarding, inline skating and extreme mountain biking (BMX).

skate park of lima in miraflores

10 – Join the Best Free Walking Tour in Lima downtown, Join our best free walking tour Lima organized by a pioneering company, 100% Indigenous Peruvian Tour Guides, what’s more Licensed Guides(in Peru, you must study Tourism & Hospitality Career to become a licensed Guide by the government to work as Tour Guide, this means NOT everyone can just be guiding in the streets, if this happens, there are inspections in Lima centre if they catch fake guides “guiding”, they will be sanctioned and the tour will be totally cancelled, then you got the last word) | In our Free City Tour Lima taking place mainly in the historical centre(don´t worry if you are staying in Miraflores or Barranco, check your meeting points below, we will pick you up) we will walk into the Must-Do attractions such us the Old Train Station, Palace of Jose Bernardo Torre Tagle, Rimac river or The Palace of Francisco Pizarro.

free walking tour lima

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