Best Museums In Cusco, guided by Official and Authorized Tour Guides

The Inca Sites and Spanish Colonial buildings around the Plaza de Armas attract the attention of Cusco, and this will undoubtedly be the first thing to check your to-do list. After exploring some of the most remarkable sights of Cusco and its surroundings, head to the museums to better understand the history and customs of the Incas. Here is our guide to the best museums in Cusco to discover before leaving the sacred land of the Incas.

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1: Museu de Arte Precolombino: 

Located in the house of ritual or ceremonial house since May Fri 1450 is the only museum devoted to Peruvian art. Peru Inside is a collection of 450 points in 1250 BC until 1532 AD. All works come from the Museo Larco in Lima city and the descriptions in Various languages ​​provide a more complete picture and understanding for those who create work, don´t miss it!

Museo de Arte Pre-Colombino- Cusco

2: The Inka Museum :

No doubt the best museum is transferred to Inka and only one block from the Main Square. It includes the work of gold and iron, clay, fine jewellery, clothing and intestines. The museum also refers to the cultural observation and cultural identity of The Locals. This is an ideal place for any attempt to better understand spaces and cultures.

Museo Inka Cusco!

2: Museo Arzobispal:

The Museo Arzobispal  – the Archbishop Museum presents a classic architecture from the colonial period in Cusco city with a clear influence rom the Arabs in the architecture and alos the paintings and even the blue tails!

In the museum you can appreciate beautiful master pieces from Marco Zapata or even Diego Quispe Tito, both of the Local and Mestizo Painters, more over there is a awesome Piano dating back to 1575, the it is the first instrumental Music here in Cusco city!

Museo Arzobispal Cusco!

3: Museo de la Coca:

In this museum, you can better understand the Andean tradition of coca and how Peruvian’s relationship to cocaine differs from their insidious presentation you believe in. The exhibits are presented in English and Spanish and tell you the history of coca use from the time of the Incas until the modern war on drugs.

Museo de la Coca!

4: Museo Machu Picchu:

This museum displays artifacts re-captured in a decade-long battle with Yale on the stolen artifacts of Hiram Bingham from Machu Picchu. The exhibition also features other finds of Inca discovered during the excavation of Casa Concha, where the current museum is located.


5: Museo Municipal de Arte Contemporáneo:

This small museum of art museums presents works by contemporary Andean artwork and offers them a space to continue producing their art. The Museum is not suitable for any type of fantasy, but it is nice to know the modern art that is taking place today and enter your Tourist Ticket (a large number of tourist tickets included).

Museo Municipal de Arte Contemporáneo!

All the above text was written by a specialized team from our free walking tours in Cusco city!

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