Animal Poop Coffee in Peru: Capis

Animal Poop Coffee in Peru: Capis

Have you ever heard about the Animal Poop Coffee in Peru: “Kapis” this is an awesome processed elaborated coffee, where the coffee beans are not swallowed by the Cat-Monkey Coati animals and the pooped out, isn´t it disgusting? Hold on! The Process doesn´t end up here, we have to consider that before letting the little animals swallow the Coffe Beans the do eat some exotic fruits like: Guayaba, Lucuma, Pears, Peaches and more so that when they swallow the coffee beans are aromatized-fermented with fruity aromas and the pooped out and the collected to heat up to 200°C this way all bacterias are exterminated, plz keep reading more below:

He is also known as Coati and spends the day eating the fruit of coffee, which does not know this animal is that his body renders what has become a very valuable product in the market.

The Coati eat the fruit of coffee and after four or six hours of digestion, it defecates. The grain is washed; the second layer is removed from the bark, toasted and ground. The key is in the passage through the intestinal tract that gives it a special touch.

In the Peruvian Amazon region, the quati Qoati is among the animals that produce the most expensive coffee in the world, reaching its price for more than $ 1,500 per kilo, its peculiarity is that before roasting passage through the intestines of the rodent.

Each coati processes 26 grams of coffee per day. Last year, total production was 1,450 kilos. An exclusive product, which some pay at the price of gold every time a cup of coffee is served.

One of the reasons that the grain that produces the Coati is so valuable because while farmers use a machine to remove the bark and process volumes, the animal does naturally in the digestive system.

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