Capis Coffee the most delicious and expensive coffee in the world. It is Peruvian

Capis Coffee the most delicious and expensive coffee in the world. It is Peruvian

Hello dear readers, today I going to writer about CAPIS COFFEE, considered the most delicious coffee world, not to mention that it is the most expensive in the world, and it is Peruvian . Read more our blog.

He is also known as quati mishasho- and spends the day eating the fruit of coffee, which does not know this animal is that his body renders what has become a very valuable product in the market. CUSCO

The guait eat the fruit of coffee and after four or six hours of digestion, it defecates. The grain is washed; the second layer is removed from the bark, toasted and ground. The key is in the passage through the intestinal tract that gives it a special touch. CUSCO

In the Peruvian Amazon region, the quati is among the animals that produce the most expensive coffee in the world, reaching its price for more than $ 1,500 per kilo, its peculiarity is that before roasting passage through the intestines of the rodent. CUSCO

Each coati processes 26 grams of coffee per day. Last year, total production was 1,450 kilos. An exclusive product, which some pay at the price of gold every time a cup of coffee is served. CUSCO

One of the reasons that the grain that produces the coati is so valuable because while farmers use a machine to remove the bark and process volumes, the animal does naturally in the digestive system. CUSCO

Peru is not the only country where these rodents produce the most expensive coffee in the world, in the Indonesian islands of Sumatra, Java and Sulawesi, as well as in the Philippines, Vietnam and some parts of southern India, civet also gives grains of this type. Praised for its earthy aroma and mellow taste that reminds you, Kopi Luwak comes from coffee beans that have been eaten and defecated without being digested, but rather fermented, for the animal that lives in the jungles of Asia. CUSCO

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