Meet the main Museums of the city of Cusco

Meet the main museums of the city of Cusco that have valuable samples from the pre-Inca era, to the different cultures of Peru that were hosted in this city. These

The amazing Salt Flats of Uyuni in Bolivia!

Salt Flats of Uyuni: Are you travelling in SouthAmerica and you wanna know the best Picture ever ever! you need to know this awesome place know normally as Salar de

What to do in Machu Picchu | What to do in Aguas Calientes?

Dear Walker do you know What To Do In Machu Picchu? or What can you do in Aguas Calientes small Village? The town is known officially as Machu Picchu Pueblo

Kennedy Park and Restaurants near Miraflores, Lima Peru

Why is it called Kennedy Park? The Official name for this park is:  Parque Central de Miraflores but most people call it  colloquially Kennedy Park, named so in memory of

The Amazing Humantay Turquoise, Ice Lake in Cusco,Peru

Humantay Lake is located in Cusco in Peru. You will have the opportunity to see these beautiful landscapes, that will change your life forever. Read more in the blog below!

What you can’t miss in Lima, the Capital of Peru !!

Hello bloggers today I going to talk about the Lima, capital of Peru, what you can’t miss! Read more in the blog. The City of Lima, The capital of Peru:

Lares Trek (Alternative Inka Trail to Machupicchu) Know more about

Hello bloggers today, I going to write about Lare Trek (Alternative Inka Trail to Machupicchu) in Cuzco in Peru. Read more in the blog below:The trek from Lares to Machupicchu

Don’t Miss The South Valley, When in Cusco…

Hello bloggers, today I will wrote about the south valley of Cusco, which without a doubt cannot be missed. Read more on our blog…The southern valley of Cuzco in Peru

The Rainbow Mountain in Peru. Don’t miss, When in Cuzco.

Hello friend’s bloggers, today we are going to talk about the Rainbow Mountain in Cuzco, Peru. There are some places on Earth that do not even look like real. It