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Try the best yummy- yummy  Peruvian Coffee Beans from the centre part of Peru in between the Highlands and the Amazon, cultivated by real local Peruvians!

Try the best yummy- yummy Peruvian Coffee Beans
Animal Poop Coffee in Peru: Capis

Animal Poop Coffee in Peru: Capis

Have you ever heard about the Animal Poop Coffee in Peru: “Kapis” this is an awesome processed elaborated coffee, where the coffee beans are not swallowed by the Cat-Monkey Coati animals and the pooped out, isn´t it disgusting? Hold on! The Process doesn´t end up here, we have to consider that before letting the little animals swallow the Coffe Beans the do eat some exotic fruits like: Guayaba, Lucuma, Pears, Peaches and more so that when they swallow the coffee…

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