Green Coast: Circuit of beaches in Lima

Lima is the only capital of South America with access to the sea and the Costa Verde is the most important circuit of beaches in Lima. It has an extension of 6 kilometers, and the route passes through the districts of chorrillos, Barranco, Miraflores, San Isidro, Magdalena and San Miguel.

Lima green coast Peru

Green coast is a circuit of beaches of the Pacific. He is credited with the name of “Costa Verde” for being located on the Pacific coast and for the vegetation that the road possessed, around which today, projects are being carried out. One of the characteristics of this circuit is to be under the cliff, several meters high that separates it from the city; So your access is almost a problem.

In the tour of the Costa Verde you can find a variety of spaces for sports, recreational and tourist activities, such as surfing, paragliding, soccer fields, volleyball, parking lots, concert areas, restaurants, areas for fishing, among other.

Green coast and its Beaches

There are more than 20 beaches throughout its extension of Costa Verde, where you can spend your days at any time of the year, although during the summer months the attendance is greater.

Next, we will announce the most relevant beaches of green coast

Sweet water: It is located in the district of Chorrillos, it is one of the best known in the city of Lima. He currently enjoys a great and modern boardwalk, so his access to it is easy and further increases its appeal.

La Herradura: It’s another popular beach on the Costa Verde circuit. It presents a very attractive sea, and ideal for experienced surfers but not for beginners.

The Dolphins: (Miraflores) you can see the presence of stones instead of sand. It has been described as a healthy beach by the Ministry of Health, so its use is not restricted for adults or children.

Barranquito: as its name announces it is located in the district of Barranco. This resort is visited by Sufists who are attracted to the left that the Barranquito Sea has to offer. It is characterized by being of the type breaker at the tip and that often deceives those who try to enjoy its benefits, this because its waves are accompanied by stones that make it difficult to enjoy the sea to the fullest and that can cause accidents.

Costa Verde beaches in Lima
Lima beaches

 The Yuyos: Its waters are calm and to enjoy it without scares. On this beach, it is common the development of several national championships of Jet Ski and Hawaiian canoes, calling the massive attendance of vacationers, who have one more reason to go to enjoy the sea.

 Waikiki: It is located at the foot of the Bajada Balta and is ideal for both intermediate or experienced surfing.

Costa Verde beaches in Lima

Green Coast data

  • Although it was conceived as a great recreational space, with the construction of the beach circuit it has become a fast transit route, changing its natural concept
  • There are many ways to access the beaches of the green coast, pedestrian as well as vehicular.
  • You can find sophisticated restaurants located in front of the sea, which have terraces and environments that are ideal for an unforgettable evening.

The beaches of Miraflores in Lima

The beaches of Miraflores were inserted into the circuit thanks to the construction of Leguia Avenue that linked this district with the Center of Lima, making possible the arrival of the population of that area.

In its waters the first world surfing championship was held, being the first world champion Felipe Pomar.

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