Don’t miss Pachacámac archeological site in Lima.

Hello bloggers, today we are going to talk about the Pachacámac ruins in Lima. This is an archeological site that everyone has to visit when, they are in Lima. Today we are going to talk about this very beautiful archaeological site and don’t forgett to visit read more on our blog about this archaeological site. Read more in the blog !!!free walking tour cusco ,lima,peru1

Pachacámac is an archaeological site located on the right bank of the Lurín River, very close to the Pacific Ocean and in front of a group of homonymous islands. It is located in the district of Lurín, in the province of Lima, in Peru. It contains the remains of various buildings, dating from the Early Intermediate 3rd century to the Late Horizon 15th century, with the best preserved Inca buildings 1450-1532.

There was an ancient pre-Hispanic oracle built basically with adobe bricks, which along with Cuzco in the mountains, is located on the coast the main place of worship of the god Pachacámac, which was attributed the creation of the universe and everything it

Now you can visit the same paths that the pilgrims walked more than a century ago, passing through old streets, adobe walls and water channels, to the place where the famous Pachacamác oracle once He resided. After two years of work by archaeologists, a new tourist circuit known as The pilgrims’ route was opened to the public in the Pachacamác archaeological sanctuary complex on the outskirts of Lima.

This sanctuary was once an important place to worship the god Pachacamác, the god related to earthquakes and venerated throughout the central coast of the Inca Empire. However, the deity and sanctuary were older than the Incas, even older than Wari, who were conquered by the Inca Empire to take possession of the place. It was the cultures of Yschsma, Chancay and Lima, who first worshiped the god Pachacamác and considered him as the creator of the universe and the place devoted to walking tour cusco ,lima,peru3

In the sixth century (a century after being built), the sanctuary reached the peak of its popularity thanks to the growing fame of its oracle, which would become the preeminent oracle of the southern coast and was even consulted by the Incas. The new route begins on the outskirts from where you can see almost all the Pachacamác sanctuary and continue along a 1,250-meter corridor, during the tour you enter the public part of the sanctuary, following some stairs that lead you to the pyramid complex and to the Taurichumpi palace. Two different stretches of Qapac á’an (the extensive system of roads and routes that linked the Inca Empire), together with the pilgrim route, a Pedroso road from the Andes and the other from the walking tour cusco ,lima,peru

This highlights the importance of this route. However, the circuit continues under excavations, many of its palaces, temples and plazas, which may be visited. Among the most important is the house of the chosen woman (Acllahuasi), the temple of the moon (Mamaconas), the plaza of the pilgrims, the temple of Urpi Huacha, the destroyed temple of Pachacamác and the sanctuary that housed the oracle, El trapezoidal temple of the sun. There is also a museum site where all the remains unearthed on the site are displayed, including the carved Totem, which is believed to represent Pachacamác was unearthed in the painted walking tour cusco ,lima,peru1

The excavations carried out during the preparation of the route, had as an additional benefit the discovery of a grave of great dimensions that is believed that it was used for the sacrifices of dogs, which also contained funerary offerings like jewels and copper vessels. The route can be covered in the visiting hours that are from Tuesday to Sunday from 9:00 a.m. at 5:00 p.m. The visitors who decide to make this interesting tour, will learn how the pilgrims who arrived in the area lived, what types of offerings they gave to live in the Pachacamác Sanctuary, as well as the remodeling carried out by the Incas when they adopted the site. provide water to the Sanctuary.

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