Visit The beautiful Kennedy Park in Miraflores, Lima

Visit The beautiful Kennedy Park in Miraflores, Lima

Hello friends, today we are going to talk about Kennedy Park in Miraflores, Lima. Read more in the blog.

Kennedy Park is one of the best-known and most visited parks in Lima due to its central location in the district of Miraflores, the most touristic district of the city. Kennedy Park is one of the most emblematic parks of the district of Miraflores in the city of Lima. The Park existed before the 20th century, however, it was not until the mid-40s of that century that its territory was enlarged and fragmented into two parks, one of which would officially be called: Kennedy Park.

Kennedy Park Miraflores Lima Pictures

Beatiful Art Pieces in Miraflores, Lima
Kennedy Park in Miraflores!

The Central Park of Miraflores or Kennedy Park articulates diferent recreation proposals.On the one hand, there are sandwiches and desserts. In them, you can taste sausages, even the famous combination of arroz con leche and mazamorra morada. There is also the Paseo de los Pintores, where local artists show their works.

Parque Kennedy en Miraflores

Attached to the park is the Church of the Miraculous Virgin built in 1939 and designed by Ricardo Jaxa Malachowski, the City Hall is another attraction, the art room Luis Miró Quesada Garland, there is also a beatiful amphitheatre; that is known as the Amphitheater Chabuca Grande(a very famous singer from the 60s), this is the ideal place for those who want to manifest their art, or appreciate the impressive talent of musicians, and other Peruvian artists.

Hanging out in Kennedy park, Miraflores

The park is also a great place to visit in Lima, especially for those who like to buy handicrafts, since there are different stalls selling this theme. Another interesting resource of the park is in the form of the famous food carts, where the traveler can enjoy an exquisite Lima dessert or perhaps one of those delicious sausages that are prepared in that. Being a public space, the park can be visited any day of the week, although only from 9 in the morning until 7 at night, a Quick reminder! if you want to know more about this park in Miraflores and Lima city centre, join the best free walking tour in Lima, tours are 100% in English!

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Access is free. Although there are actually 2 parks: Central Park and Kennedy Park, one next to the other, the whole place of 23 thousand square meters is known as Kennedy Park in Lima. On one side of the park is the Church of the Miraculous Virgin, which is a beautiful Catholic church, built in 1939, in which you can see stained glass windows with images of the life of Jesus. In front of the park, along the diagonal avenue, there is a variety of restaurants, especially the famous Sanguchería La Lucha. There is also calle de las pizzas, a busy street on weekends at night because there are bars and some places to dance.

Buy some Churros(Local Dessert)

There is also an area of entertainment for children, with various games, where artificial turf is used that allows a good maintenance of this area. The Parke Central de Miraflores, in Lima currently occupies 23,000 square meters and is a cultural, ecological and tourist park.

How to explore better Kennedy park in Miraflores and Lima city centre?

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