Free Walking Tour Cusco

Free Walking Tour Cusco

This is a very old market designed by Mr Eiffel – France at the begining of the 20th century indeed the oldest Market for the half a million inhabitants living here. Usually visitied by many passengers  for many reasons such as shopping.

It is open from 8am til 5pm approx. if you are a passenger that would like some good breakfast, feel free to visit the place to take some great mixes of local fruits, for luch we do suggest some roested or fried food, DECENT price for food starts from 3.5 soles til 10 soles,  1.5usd to 4usd approx.

You can also try some soups such us Bull Penis flavored ones, they are very popular for Locals.

If you like to try some desserts they are offering some «Arroz con leche», For all foods, souveniers, handycraft and etc look at the right stations.

We do also recomend to take a Walking Tour that will allow you to see indoor mercado with some explanation in between and see more wird things and have more recomendations from your Tour Guide.

Below we got some tips before going to this place.


  • Good place for purchaising some Gifts&Souveniers.
  • Good for tasting some Local Fruits.
  • Good for eating some «Arroz a la Cubana».
  • Good for buying some «Coca leaves».
  • Not good for eating «Ceviche».
  • Not Good for Buying Genuine Alpaca Jumpers.

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