Kennedy Park and Restaurants near Miraflores, Lima Peru

Kennedy Park and Restaurants near Miraflores, Lima Peru

Why is it called Kennedy Park? The Official name for this park is:  Parque Central de Miraflores but most people call it  colloquially Kennedy Park, named so in memory of John F Kennedy who supported the very famous Peruvian president called Manuel Carlos Prado y Ugarteche (president of Peru in two terms: 1939 – 1945 & 1956 -1962) who at that time had a lot of financial and political support from President Kennedy who was also visited Peru back in the 50´s!

Kennedy Park and Restaurants near Miraflores, Lima Peru

At the beginning of 1900, there was only a simple flat Green area with a very rudimentary church(Now Church of Virgen de la Milagrosa, the older one was destroyed).

Kennedy Park in 1900 Miraflores, Lima Peru

Nowadays this Park is very famous; very much visited by lots of locals and tourists because of its history and location, there are lots of restaurants, bars, cats, art-painting displays.

Sandwiches & desserts & Amphitheater & Church

While walking at this park you will also see lots of Small Cars or trolleys with Sandwiches Local Women are selling their products | There is also a live-music on every Saturday so that seniors from Miraflores can dance, this happens at the small amphitheatre known as Chabuca Granda and finally don´t miss the Church of  Virgen Milagrosa designed by Ricardo de Jaxa Malachowski.

Kennedy Park Miraflores, Lima Peru
Kennedy Park Miraflores, Lima Peru
Virgen Milagrosa Church at Kennedy Park Miraflores, Lima Peru

I Have kids, is this a good place?

Sure it is, there a cool place where kids can play!

Kennedy Park Miraflores, Lima Peru

¿Why too many cats in this Park?

Local people say that many years ago there were lots of Rats and Mouses at this Park therefore Locals use to leave their cats in this area but unfortunately as time went by many people misunderstood this issue and they started bringing their cats on purpose cause they though this place was for all cats that you cannot take care of! Therefore we have many cats in this area, we calculate at least 25 of them, the good thing is that they are well-taken care by the neighbours who bring them food, anyway Kennedy Park without cats wouldn’t be the same!

Cats at Kennedy Park Miraflores, Lima Peru

Nearby places to Kennedy Park:

Don´t just walk in the park go beyond than that like:

Parque del Amor

Parque del Amor, Miraflores Lima

Malecón de Miraflores

Malecon, Miraflores Lima

Bajada Balta (this is the access to the Malecon-Cliff)

Bajada de Balta,, Miraflores Lima


Larcomar,, Miraflores Lima

Best restaurants near Kennedy park in Miraflores Lima:

Café De La Paz

It is a Café Bistrot spot with the best Peruvian Culinary, there is also Peruvian culinary fusion with French and European gastronomy.

Cafe de Paz, Restaurante en Miraflores

Haiti Restaurant

Awesome Peruvian culinary, this place is also availed for Vegetarians and gluten-free!

Haiti, Restaurante en Miraflores

Maido Restaurant

Wonderful Peruvian-Japanese food culinary, try fusion of Asia and Peru

Maido, Restaurante en Miraflores

What to do in Miraflores? Apart from eating and exploring the Central park of Miraflores, you can join the free walking tours in Lima, leaving from Miraflores!

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