The Huacarpay Lagoon

The Huacarpay Lagoon is a wetland, protected by the National Cultural Heritage Protection Act, this wetland is not only one of the most important in the South Valley of Cusco, but it is also considered one of the most important wetlands Peru, because of its landscape, ecological value and why it provides considerable food and shelter to several threatened and migratory bird species.

Hermosa vista de la laguna Huacarpay
Beautiful view of the Huacarpay lagoon

Where is the Huacarpay Lagoon?

This scenic beauty is located at an altitude of 3,020 m.a.s.l. 30 km southeast of Cusco in the district of Lucre, province of Canchis, located within the Archaeological Park of Pikillaqta.

Why is it so important?

Aves en la laguna Huacarpay

The Huacarpay lagoon is full of diversity, provides shelter and food for the aquatic vegetation that it possesses, for the conservation of more than 50 species of migratory birds that are threatened by the constant deterioration of their habitat, also feeds and protects reptiles, mammals and fish.

The Huacarpay lagoon as a tourist attraction

Apart from having special features for the protection and conservation of wildlife, it is also a tourist attraction, an area visited on weekends by the Cusqueños and travelers, to enjoy the breathtaking view of the landscapes that show an ideal setting for the camps and recreational scepter for families.

laguna Huacarpay - lucre

It is the favorite place of families because it has an impressive view of the landscapes, the predominant vegetation that surrounds the lagoon is the totora. Also, the beauty of the color of its waters that fluctuates between green and blue.

The lagoon is not the only place you can visit in this corridor, but you can also visit the archaeological complex of Pikillacta and the quarry of Rumicolca, since you have easy access to them.

How to get to La Laguna de Huacarpay?

You can take a Private Tour, private or public transport, the duration of the trip is one hour from the city of Cusco, the cost of private transport ranges from 10 to 15 soles, and that of the public is 3 soles. The entrance to the Huacarpay lagoon is free, it has no entrance fee.

La laguna Huacarpay

Some interesting facts of the Huacarpay Lagoon

  • It is one of the stages of the national motor racing championship, so it has a paved road around the lagoon.
  • It was recognized as a Wetland of International Importance by the Ramsar Convention in August 2006.
  • The name of Huacarpay refers to the White Heron, a species of bird that inhabits this place, whose name in Quechua is “Wakar”, so the name of the Huacarpay lagoon emerged from there.

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The Huacarpay Lagoon

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