Lima a gastronomic destination for excellence

Lima is the capital of Peru, but also of Peruvian cuisine. The beautiful city of Lima full of culture, custom, tradition is also a city that stands out in the gastronomic field not only in Peru but in Latin America and the world, its cuisine is based on the ancestral, colonial, European, African and other mix cultures, which led to the elaboration of a great variety of exquisite traditional dishes, which is why it was recognized as the “gastronomic capital of Latin America.”

Reasons why Lima is a gastronomic destination par excellence
Lima gastronomy

Peruvian cuisine currently ranks 1st in the list of best countries with a variety of culinary dishes.

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So, dear Readers, Lima cuisine is gradually conquering the palate of people worldwide. No one could refuse these delicious traditional dishes such as the caucau, carapulcra, Lima cause, sauteed loin, huancaine potato, chicken chili pepper, anticuchos or their exquisite desserts such as picarones, rice pudding, purple mazamorra and delicious nougat. All these dishes are offered in various parts of the city, in hotels, restaurants, cevicherias, markets, chifas and street stalls. Today in this article, we will introduce you to the most representative dishes of Lima cuisine.

 Next, the dishes you should eat during your visit to Lima:

Ceviche: Lima and Peru flag dish

Ceviche, flag dish and one of the most recognized in the gastronomy of Lima

It is considered Patrimony of the Nation. A magnificent combination of fish, lemon juice, onion and chili, despite the few ingredients it takes, satisfies even the most demanding palate. In Lima we find the greatest diversity of ceviche: fish, mixed with seafood, pota, with chicken, even with alpaca, being the cebiche city par excellence.

Ají de gallina

Exquisite spicy dish with stewed chicken, its preparation is made with cheese, milk, nuts and chili, usually served with parsley and cooked egg.

Causa rellena

The delicious Stuffed Cause is soft and based on the yellow potato paste and seasoned with ground chili pepper, stuffed with tuna or chicken, there are those who also usually add onion and celery. It has a shape of a cake whose center is chicken and mayonnaise, served with egg, parsley and olive. It is delicious and easy to cook.

Lomo Saltado

This delicious dish includes some Chinese elements prepared with beef tenderloin cut into pieces, onion, tomato, chili, vinegar, soy sauce and spices served with french fries and rice, tomato, onion and chili. It is served with french fries and rice.


The dish is an exquisite stew that offers Lima cuisine and includes European elements, such as spices. It is made with pork and chicken, seasoned with spicy chili powder, peanuts, garlic, olives, onions, among other condiments.

Pollo a la brasa

A modern but very popular dish not only in Lima, but also throughout the country. It is a chicken seasoned and roasted in coals slowly so that it can take color and flavor, the chicken is served accompanied by fries and salad.

Cau – cau

It is a delicious typical dish that involves indigenous, European and African elements. It is made with mondongo (beef stomach), is cut into pieces and seasoned with yellow pepper, onion, garlic, parsley cilantro, bay leaves, among other ingredients. It is served with rice.


It is a classic of Lima cuisine of African origin that also contains indigenous and European ingredients. Its main ingredient is beef heart seasoned with garlic and vinegar, the beef heart is cut into pieces, skewered on wooden sticks and these skewers are slowly grilled. It is served with cooked potatoes, cassava or corn.

There are many more traditional dishes offered by Lima “the city of the kings” as it has a great varied cuisine consisting of exquisite dishes and try the traditional dishes of this great city will always be a delight, which better if accompanied with drinks traditional as the chicha de Jora, purple corn and the Peruvian pisco. You will be conquered by Lima cuisine.

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