The places you can’t miss when you arrive in Lima

Lima and its districts are extremely charming places if one knows them very well, we know that there are also places that are not recommended to visit as Callao, but from one to ten, Lima scores at least 7, because it is an ancient city, full of past culture as pre-Inca civilizations, full of events that occurred in the colonial era with the arrival of the Spanish to this continent, especially Lima, which was once the capital of the viceroyalty of Peru, for this and many other reasons you can not miss Some places when you get to this majestic city!

1: Enjoy a night in Barranco!

Barranco has an artistic and bohemian atmosphere and is where people like to go out at night. Here you will find a mix of art galleries, cafes, bars, restaurants and a lot of street art or graffiti as many locals call it, it is a neighborhood whose origins date back to the first years of the republican era of Peru! | It’s time was a country place, and at the beginning of the twentieth century a tram is implemented to connect the historic center of Lima through a wagon which worked until the 60s (even today you can see the remains of the wagons of the twentieth century) | Generally many tourists and even locals attend this bohemian district at night where there are countless places to visit | In conclusion do not overlook this republican place!

2: Enter the catacombs in Basilica and Convent of San Francisco:

If you are in Lima and did not visit The Catacombs of The Church of San Francisco, you were not in Lima! Why visit them? The reason is very simple, in the colonial era many people were buried in this place, especially very faithful Catholics and people of high society and because at that time only with a lot of Catholic faith and a certain purchasing power had the preference to to be buried in this place and in all the catacombs in the world (Catholic Catacombs), were more or less 36 thousand people buried in this place which is already a reason more than enough to explore this place, the entrances are super comfortable and there are guided tours every half hour!

3: Collect memories in the Indian Market:

If your trip is coming to an end and you want to collect some souvenirs to take home with you, then visit The Indian Market, this is where you can find reminders or souvenirs or even warm alpaca pullovers, magnets or magnets, key chains, dolls, games Spanish chess against Incas, paintings made in Cuzco style, T-shirts with Nazca lines or with themes such as Machupicchu, coca candy, leg warmers and almost anything you can take to your country.

Note: You can always take our free walking tours en Lima, 100% en español and you know some of the places mentioned above and below, our Tourist Guides are fully qualified, and authorized by the Regional Directorate of Foreign Trade and Tourism!

4: Some Cevicherias in Lima

You know you have already read hundreds of articles about Peruvian food and place to eat, but we want to get to the point! where to eat good, beautiful and even cheap? The Surquillos Market in Miraflores, very close to the Miraflores ovals in Kennedy Park offers a great variety of Peruvian food such as ceviches or sados at a very good price, the place is decently Lima and safe | If you feel money and want to treat yourself, we recommend you visit one of these restaurants such as: La Mar, Punta Sal, Pescados Capitales and El Punto Azul, etc.

5: Shopping – Shopping with sea view from Larcomar:

Larcomar is a really great shopping center located in Miraflores, what makes it so unique is that it has been built on a cliff overlooking the Pacific Ocean and, as such, has some excellent observation points. People come here to shop in the boutiques, have dinner or enjoy a cup of Peruvian coffee with a view. If a clear day arrives, you can even see the paragliders flying above your head.

6: Go to The Magic Circuit of the Waters:

The Magic Water Circuit is a spectacle of light and water that takes place at night in the Parque de la Reserva. This park has 13 water sources that come alive with lasers, colored lights and music | This Place is no longer a topic that only locals have heard but many Hispanic tourists visit the place, we know of visitors who even asked for the hands of their future busts in this place, do not stop seeing it, Do not worry about the Tickets, It costs only 4 soles! Note: The first show is at 7pm, the one that follows at 8.15pm and the last one at 9.15pm!

7: Paragliding on the Costa Verde, Miraflores:

Paragliders on the Costa Verde in Lima are always an exciting sight to see. The 70 m of cliffs on the beach in the district of Miraflores provide an excellent panoramic view. The area is known for providing a dynamic flight with little turbulence. The take-offs and landings are from the “To port”, a small circular terrain north of the Parque del Amor, has a price of approximately 70 dollars per person, samebos that are not cheap, but we believe it is worth it, at least for some people !


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