The Amazing Humantay Turquoise, Ice Lake in Cusco,Peru

Humantay Lake is located in Cusco in Peru. You will have the opportunity to see these beautiful landscapes, that will change your life forever. Read more in the blog below!

humantay lake cusco peru

The Lagoon of Humantay is a snow-clad mountain that is part of the Vilcabamba mountain range and gives rise to the formation of this excellent turquoise lake coloring, that are fed by mountain glaciers and is a jewel of nature on the route Apu Salkantay. Humantay lake is located in the province of Anta, in Cuzco. The Humantay Lake, is for, who wish to enjoy nature and natural scenery by foot with surrounded by Stunning glaciers, this stunning ride with an amazing scenery is incredible, you will never forget.

humantay lake cusco peru

If you enjoy the turquoise lagoon of Humantay in 1 day, contact with nature in one of the most famous natural routes of the city of Cuzco. The lagoon Humantay is surrounded by huge glaciers that, form part of the Andes Mountains, Humantay lake are that the fusion gives rise to the splendid of the lagoon of Humantay, that when you visit it, will transform your way to see nature, you will marvel yourself with the flora and fauna that will be engraved in your wonderful photographs.

humantay lake cusco peru

This route is ideal for nature lovers who do not have many days but want to visit these spectacular landscapes with exotic flora and fauna along this adventure hike through beautiful valleys and White Mountains. The Humantay Lake tour is considered one of the region’s most sacred and beautiful mountains and lagoons.

It is 1 hour by car to reach the Soraypampa pueblo, from where the trek starts up for about an 1:30 to approximately two, during the walk we will see the landscape of the snowcapped mountains, an impressive natural diversity and great scenery of flora and fauna to reach the Humantay lake where you can enjoy breathtaking views of Lake of Humantay and the mountains that are around this natural wonder. On the way back, you just need to walk until arriving at Soraypampa and from there we will return by car to Cuzco walking tour cusco

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