The Rainbow Mountain in Peru. Don’t miss, When in Cuzco.

Hello friend’s bloggers, today we are going to talk about the Rainbow Mountain in Cuzco, Peru. There are some places on Earth that do not even look like real. It is the case of the colorful Rainbow Mountain in Peru, also known as 7 Color Mountain. Read more in our blog.FREE WALKING TOUR CUZCO1

The natural wonder attracts curious travelers who need to closely check each of their vibrant lines and she draws a rainbow. The Rainbow Mountain or colored mountain is a product of a series of minerals existing in the region; the mountain is in a volcanic chain located on the tectonic plates of Nasca. It is located in Peru, more precisely in the department (state) of Cuzco. Then, if you go to Cusco, get ready to know this fantastic place with many doses of adventure! The impressive blend of colors that makes the earth practically striped comes from elements such as rust of iron oxide, which forms the red; the iron sulphide, which creates the orange and the yellow; and chlorite, which results in turquoise and some shades of green. FREE WALKING TOUR CUZCOTo complement, when several of these mix, they form other shades, making Vinicunca a true spectacle of nature. Moreover, although the nuances vary according to the amount of light and shadows, the view is usually spectacular. There are still other ways to call it Montaña Vinicunca and Cerro Colorado – Montanhas Coloridas, montanha arco iris peru. Part of the Vilcanota Cordillera, the rock formation is in Vinicunca, 101 km from Cuzco, in the province of Chancis, and is usually included in the adventures of those who go to Machu Picchu, by other way. The multicolored landscape at 5,001 meters of altitude, at its highest point, enchants even the alpacas and llamas that are in the surroundings. The tonalities of the geological jewel are justified by the action of minerals, such as iron, manganese and copper, in contact with the winds and water over many, many years.FREE WALKING TOUR CUZCO6The journey it is like a 3 hours trip from Cusco city, with a stop for rest, Arriving at the foot of the snowy peak of Ausangate, another 2.5 hours of climbing, walking or by horse (optional). Upon arriving at Cerro Colorado, there is time for contemplation and photos. It is more practical, safe and quick to do the tour with the assistance of agencies than on your own. The trek up the mountain is consider adventure tourism. Its entire route allows adventurers to enjoy incredible landscapes and to know a little more of the native fauna and flora, in the company of birds and beautiful animals. Getting to Rainbow Mountain is easy: just book the tour at a travel agency and they will take you there. Simple thus, the way presents, displays rocky formations to a height of more than 5 thousand meters covered by tongues of ice.  The destination of this route is this beautiful mountain, decorated by the minerals accumulated on its surface such as iron oxides, copper sulphates and others, which are responsible for creating this unbelievable look. Don´t miss, when in Cuzco in walking tour cusco

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