Things You Can’t Miss In Lima, Peru.

Things You Can’t Miss In Lima, Peru.

Hello bloggers, today we are going to talk about the places you can not miss in Lima, the capital of Peru. Read more in the blog for our recommendations or what to see and do in Lima.

Enjoy a night in Barranco: free walking tour lima2 (2)

The Barranco neighborhood in LIMA has an artistic, bohemian atmosphere and is where people like to go out at night. Here you will find a mix of art galleries, cafes, bars, restaurants and a lot of street art. If you go to Lima don´t miss the Barranco neighborhood.

Enter the catacombs in Basilica and Convent of San Francisco: free walking tour lima2 (3)

This basilica and convent is located in the historic center of Lima and it really is a step back in time. I went with a guide who took us through the cloisters, to a library that contained documents and manuscripts from the beginning of the colony, and towards the catacombs. The only drawback is that photography and video are not allowed.

Collect souvenirs in the Indian Market:free walking tour lima.4

If your trip is coming to an end and you want to pick up some souvenirs to take home with you, then visit The Indian Market in Petit Thouars. This is where you can find warm alpaca sweaters, brightly colored touques, Spanish chess games against Incas, paintings done in Cuzco style, shirts with Nazca lines, coca sweets, leg warmers. 

Eat try the Ceviche (typical plate of Lima):free walking tour lima1
If you are in Lima, you must try !!!  This popular seafood dish is made with raw fish that is cured in lemon or lime. The fish is served with white corn, sweet potatoes and red onions, usually for lunch. Some popular cevicherías in Lima include: La Mar, Punta Sal, Pescados Capitales and El Punto Azul, etc.

Shopping with ocean view from Larcomar: free walking tour lima2
The Larcomar in Lima is a really great shopping center located in Miraflores. What makes it so unique is that it has been built on a cliff overlooking the Pacific Ocean and, as such, has some excellent observation points. People come here to shop in boutiques, dine or enjoy a cup of frozen yogurt with a view. If a clear day arrives, you can even see the paragliders flying above your head.

Go to The Magical Circuit of Waters(parque de la reservas): free walking tour lima2The Magical Water Circuit in LIMA is a light and water show that takes place at night in the Reserve Park. This park has 13 water sources that come alive with lasers, colored lights and music. It is Marvel at an unforgettable show that combines dancing waters, light, music and images with a visit to the Magical Water Circuit. The circuit is recognized by the Guinness Book of Records as the largest fountain complex in the world. A set of ornamental fountains throw jets of water, and rays of light illuminate the sky to create a charming spectacle of lights and water that you must see to believe it.

Paragliding in Costa Verde, Miraflores:free walking tour lima1The paragliders on the Costa Verde in Lima are always an exciting sight to see. The 70 m of cliffs on the beach in the district of Miraflores provide an excellent lift. The area is known for providing a dynamic flight with little turbulence. The takeoffs and landings are from the «Parapuerto» (paraport), a small circular terrain north of the Parque del Amor. The Lima area is particularly attractive to paragliders due to the ability to approach buildings. Some paragliders like to «buzz» the LarcoMar restaurants, others reported that they sailed close enough to the Marriott hotel to see themselves reflected in the windows. The maximum flight height is around 220 meters, from the updrafts near the building ‘El Miramar’, however, sometimes there are thermal currents near Barranco that allow an elevation of more than 500 meters. The desert dunes on Pachacamac is another popular place in Lima for paragliding. Located about 30 km to the south, on sunny days there is a great thermal activity interesting here. And, about 60 km to the north, you will find Pasamayo, a nearly vertical 400-meter sand dune that allows you to glide over the ocean. You can also find some small thermal currents there that can be fun to practice maneuvers.

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