Top Museums in Lima to Visit !

free walking tour - inkan milky way1Hello bloggers, today we are going to talk about Top Museums in Lima to Visit. In Lima you will find the best museums in all of Peru. Lima is well known for its imposing museums all over the world. Continue reading more on our blog!. The city of Lima houses the best Museum of Archeology and Anthropology of Peru and South America, due to the great variety of cultures that flourished in Peruvian lands. free walking tour - inkan milky way4In this Mystery Opportunity Peru offers a guided tour to 2 of the best museums in Lima, the Larco Museum and the Museum of Archeology and Anthropology. Both buildings display fabulous ancient traces of the most important cultures they occupied hundreds of years ago, the cost of Peru and the Andes. Among the remains visitors can see various types of pottery, ina Larco Museum including the erotic collection of the Moche culture, as well as the colorful Nazca vases. In this tour visitors will undoubtedly have a deep knowledge of Peruvian history, learning and observing authentic relics made long ago. Lima is one of the most interesting and challenging cities in South America with a huge archaeological past. Long before the common era, until the arrival of the Spaniards numerous highly advanced cultures were in this area of Lima today. Even nowadays they surprise us with their complex skills in construction, agriculture and the arts. The Spanish settlers added to this legendary cultural legacy. This completely different culture, with European and Arab influences are mixed with the indigenous cultural and religious heritage. In the last couple of hundred years free walking tour - inkan milky way5the immigrants from Africa and Asia added their share. The fusion of so many different cultures and traditions makes Lima into what it is today.  A reflection of this complexity can be found in an incredible number of museums scattered throughout the city. They display the richness and diverse facets of Lima and the culture of Peru. There is something for everyone: archeological, historical and cultural museums, popular art and art museums, museums dedicated to Peru’s famous personalities, technology and military museums, natural history and Earth science museums and many others. The Larco Museum: museum of archeology and anthropology of Peru in Lima. free walking tour - inkan milky way8There are many public and private museums in Lima, but none so singular or pleasant as the Larco Museum. Housed in an old mansion, built on the site of a pre-Columbian temple, the museum offers a varied collection of 3,000 years of ceramics, textiles and precious metal artifacts. There are also mummies that show the different ways ancient cultures, including the Incas, preserved their walking tour - inkan milky way3 This museum allows visitors are allowed to enter the warehouses of the museum to see what is not on display: a wide range of ceramic objects made by ancient Peruvians; there are tens of thousands of pots in the shapes of animals, plants and people. It also has a special room dedicated to erotic archaeological treasures. They are phallic symbols but a collection of ceramic vases depicting a variety of positions and sexual acts – the Kama museum of archeology and anthropology of turkey in lima the Sutra in clay, basically. Many of these erotic pots were destroyed by the Spanish conquerors, who were mortified by the explicit representations, which makes this collection even more important. We will visit the oldest museum in the country, the Museum of Archeology and Anthropology of Peru and exhibit representative pre-Hispanic objects, artistic, photographic and bibliographical collections of documents from the colonial and republican era.  We are the best Free Walking Tour , For more information please visit our page in Lima: City tour Lima, Half Day City Tour Lima.


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