What you can’t miss in Lima, the Capital of Peru !!

Hello bloggers today I going to talk about the Lima, capital of Peru, what you can’t miss! Read more in the blog.why can you not miss lima city?

The City of Lima, The capital of Peru:

why can you not miss lima city?

Lima have a perfect harmony between tradition and contemporary architecture, if you walk through its streets is to admire its churches, archeological sites and large houses with balconies that coexist with modern buildings also the Historical Center was declared a World Heritage Site. Lima is also the only South American capital with access to the sea, with beaches are perfect for surfers and on its piers, the gentle breeze refreshes bike rides and walks. You can also fly in paragliding over the Pacific Ocean. In this city with lineage, founded in 1540, the abundance of natural products, the fusion of techniques and cultures, forged in centuries a gastronomy with mestizo identity. Because of the excellent quality and passion of Peruvian chefs, Lima has been named Gastronomic Capital of Latin America. Lima, a love at first sight for those who want to live a unique experience. Lima is known as the capital of kings, if you come from tour to lima, you can not miss the main tourist attractions in the city of Lima. Below I will be listing the main places that every tourist has to know when they are in Lima.

The Magic Circuit of the Waters:

why can you not miss lima?

The Magic circuit of waters is an incredible journey through 13 ornamental fountains that are electronically controlled and, along with a set of synchronized lights, offer a true visual spectacle. Most impressive are the projections of moving dancers in a gigantic cloud of water that forms in the main fountain of the Water Park. People can get into some of the fountains and interact with the water jets. Especially in one of the fountains that form a long Monday of water and that can be crossed by the visitors. We recommend you go at night to enjoy the light show. The Magical Water Circuit is located as Parque la Reserva and is also known as the Water Park, being one of the mandatory activities in Lima.

Larco Museum:

why can you not miss lima city?

Located 20 minutes by taxi from Miraflores, Lima this private collection of pre-Columbian Peruvian art is fascinating and provides an invaluable context for all the Incan ruins you will likely visit. There is much about the history and culture of pre-Inca societies in Peru, and for those interested there is also a separate gallery on the premise of Peruvian pre-Columbian erotic art. The Larco Museum opens its inventory room for visitors to explore, so do not miss a backstage visit after finishing the main galleries. Location: Avenida Bolívar 1515, Pueblo Libre. Open every day

Lima is known as the capital of kings, if you come from tour to turkey, you can not miss the main tourist attractions in the city of Lima. Below I will be listing the main places that every tourist has to know when they are in Lima.


why can you not miss lima city?

You cannot miss the artistic, bohemian neighborhood of Barraco, after the time in the historic district, get off and explore the trendy neighborhood of Barranco, which is south of Miraflores. Or simply stroll and dive into the many shops and bars in Miraflores to have a relaxing night as your 48 hours in Lima comes to an end.


Plaza Mayor(Plaza de Armas):

why can you not miss lima city?

You must to go to know the main square, the Plaza Mayor (also called the Plaza de Armas) to visit the Lima Cathedral and the Presidential Palace. At noon there is an elaborate change of the guarding ceremony in the palace, so make sure you arrive a little early to secure a place to be able to see. Undoubtedly a place you cannot miss visiting.

Huaca Pucllana:

why can you not miss lima city?

Don´t miss a day with a visit to Huaca Pucllana. The pyramid of mud and adobe is well in Miraflores, Lima. Built about 1500 years ago, this pyramid was an important place for the civilization of Lima, which gave its name to the Peruvian capital and contrasts with the modern buildings around it. Swm doubt a place you can not miss. Location: Calle General Borgoño 8, open every day.parque_kennedy

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