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Free Walking Tour Cusco | Indigenous Free Tour of Cusco in the Historic Centre

Uncover Cusco city center on foot, with our Original Free Walking Tour Cusco guided by our friendly indigenous tour guides. While free walking with us, you will visit requisite attractions from both the Inka and colonial periods of history. We´ll walk on real Inka streets, and to old colonial buildings such as the House of Francisco Pizarro. You will see Inka aqueducts, anti-earthquake Inka walls, South-American camels, the daily life of local indigenous people, offerings to the Pachamama, a goddess revered by the indigenous people of the Andes and more. All the places we visit make our Free Tour Cusco very unique and enjoyable to all tourists who are eager to walk through our city’s history and culture. | We will see you in our Free City Tours in Cusco!

Why to reserve with us?

  • 100% Indigenous Team
  • It´s Free to Book!
  • You help Local People!
  • Instant Confirmation!

Details about our Free Walking Tour Cusco

We have three Free Walking Tour meet up times in Cusco. All have a similar itinerary, so please only choose one!

Meet up Times:

Mon thru Sat at 10 am, 1 pm and 3:30 pm | On Sundays at 10am Only

Meeting Place:

Plazoleta Regocijo in front of Chicha Restaurant. If you are wondering how to get in there, please don’t get confused with the Plaza de Armas!

How to Identify Your Tour Guide?

Look for our Operator at the correct meeting place; They will be wearing the Inkan Milky Way Logo embroidered on their Yellow Vests!


Approximately 2.5 to 3 hours!


Free - Donation basis as neither our tour guides nor any team member has set salaries!


All our free tours are entirely in English | However, if you wish your free walking tour Cusco to be in Spanish, follow us here!

Tour Type:

It´s a free, nonprivate group tour. | Groups can be significant sometimes; therefore, our guides use speakers!

Please Bring:

WARM, WARM, WARM clothes at all times!

Tour Ending Place:

Near The Santo Domingo Church inside of the Souvenir Shop | However, there is no need to buy anything | We won´t visit bars for commissions as we focus on culture and history!


70+ trusted testimonials on Facebook! Also, 2500 reviews for Free Walking Tour Cusco on TripAdvisor!


Historic center tour by foot, please scroll down and click on tour to see more about the agenda | The Route may change if there are strikes, festivities or holidays!


Only One free tour at 10am in Cusco on Sundays
Look for our Operator Uniform
free walking tour cusco uniform
Our Meeting Place is REGOCIJO, Don´t get confused!
Look for Chicha Restaurant
Landmark for free walking tour cusco meeting point is by Chicha Restaurant

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What is a Free Walking Tours in Cusco?

One of the most common questions of some of our attendees is? Do we have to pay for a free tour? If so, how much should we pay? Well, our free tours system is straightforward! There is no upfront cost at all, not even when you book your free tour in Cusco, it is without charge ! Give us 2.5 to 3 hours of your time; we will show you the history of our city starting with the Pre-Colombian period, and then the colonial and republican history! You will spend about 2.5 hours or more walking with a reliable tour guide, during that time. Even after the tour, questions are always allowed, and at the end of this experience, you can tip your tour guide according to the quality of the trip! Some people tip in Soles and some in dollars, whichever you choose to show your appreciation, your tour guide very much welcomes your gratuity. That is, it!

What´s our story behind our Free Walking Tours in Cusco?

The tourism industry is a very competitive sector in Cusco even though this city is the mecca of tourism in Peru and South America, in terms of history. However, for the same reason, most locals work in this sector! Therefore, back in 2014, we decided to open the first free walking tour in Peru. Moreover, we had also have experienced free walking tours in the USA and Europe operated by Christopher Sandman. Overall, we enriched our job experience in the tourism industry and brought Cusco the very trendy concept of walking tours, so here we are! With some up and downs but all things considered, we love our job!

Pictures of our Walkers & Guides on Action!


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