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Free Tour Cusco on Sundays at 10am

As we have always done with every step we take, we will do our best as tour guides to inspire you as you walk through the ancient Inka streets and plazas of Cusco. We will walk you through each era of history in this royal city inhabited for many thousands of years by Native Andean People. Furthermore, for the past 450 plus years, the Spaniards and their descendants, as well as the mix of both groups, make up what we refer to as Mestizos: our modern day citizens of Cusco. We see you on our Sundays free tours in Cusco designed exclusively for every Sundays.

To Consider: Tour Operation Days: Sundays at 10 am | Duration is 2.5 hours and conducted on foot. | Language is 100% English. | To see more free tour departures click here | For Spanish free tour in Cusco click here!

Free Tour Itinerary Cusco

The Itinerary can always change because of strikes, festivities or holydays.

  1. Join us at Regocijo Plazoleta; please look for our tour guide who will be wearing Inkan Milky Way Logo embroidered on the yellow vest!
  2. San Francisco Plaza, Saint Claire Arch, and San Pedro Church have an outdoor explanation.
  3. San Pedro Market and Local Mercado are must do places while in Cusco! An inexpensive place for souvenirs such us local hats, jumpers, t-shirts, even food is low-priced here!
  4. Plaza de Armas and Acclla Wasi Temple have an outdoor explanation.
  5. Outdoor explanation of Palace of Pachaquteq(9th emperor) and Tupac Inka Yupanqui(10th emperor)!
  6. Inka and colonial streets, let´s liven up the history of the Inkas together in the heart of the Inka Empire’s capital city, "The Ancient Rome of South America."
  7. We end the walk inside a Shop; you are not obligated to buy anything in this place | We will not visit any bars for Pisco Sours or commissions! We love and promote history!
  8. Remember this is free with only a tip at the end. Our tour is unassuming and straightforward, so don't expect bells and whistles.


Only One free tour at 10am in Cusco on Sundays
Our Meeting Place is REGOCIJO, Don´t get confused!
Look for our Operator Uniform
free tour cusco uniform
Look for Chicha Restaurant
free tour cusco meeting point
Meeting Place map for free walking tours in Cusco


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