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Historical Centre Tour Cusco by the Afternoon | Free Tour 3:30pm!

You just arrived in Cusco or you are getting better from high altitude sickness? Want to give a quick glance to Cusco city´s history? Then join our Afternoon Historical Centre Tour in Cusco, we will teach why this city is part of Unesco since 1983 and what is the political, economic, social, cultural and historical role of this ancient town for the Republic of Perú! Join us now in our historical centre tour of Cusco!

Free Tour Itinerary Cusco

The Itinerary can always change because of strikes, festivities or holydays.

  1. Join us at Regocijo plazoleta, Our Guides wear Inkan Milky Way Logo on the Yellow Vests!
  2. San Francisco Plaza & Saint Claire Arch & San Pedro Church (outdoor explanation).
  3. San Pedro Market, Local Mercado, A must do place while in Cusco! A cheap place for souvenirs such us Local hats, Jumpers, T-Shirts, even food is so cheap here!
  4. Plaza de Armas & Acclla Wasi Temple (outdoor explanation).
  5. Palace of Pachaquteq Inka Emperor (indoor visit from Mon to Fri) If Rome had Caesars and Egypt had Pharaoh, we had Inkas, let us tell you about some of them, like their Biography or their Palaces!
  6. Inka & Colonial Streets, Let´s live up the history of the Inkas together in the heart of the Inka Empire Capital City, "The Ancient Rome of South America"
  7. We end the walk inside a Shop, you are not obligated to buy anything in this place | We won´t finish our walk in a Bar for Pisco Sours or Commissions! We love History!
  8. Remember this is free with only a tip at the end so don't expect bells and whistles¡


Only One free tour at 10am in Cusco on Sundays
Our Meeting Point is REGOCIJO, Don´t get confused!
Look for our Uniform
Look for Chicha Restaurant


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