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Cusco, the heart of the Inka Empire, The Rome of South-America and home to many pre-Inka Civilizations and the Third Most Important city after Madrid and Lima during the colonial times from 1542 till 1821, exploring all these historical facts with a professional tour guide from our staff will help you to make these periods of our history come alive | Our Cusco city Tour on Free tour system will definitely be enjoyable cause we will visit 5 must-do attractions such as the Sun street or the main square | Consider that on this Best option for Cusco City tour by walking we don´t include Saqsayhuaman or Qenqo ruins, we only walk in the historical centre for a couple of hours plus, sharing anecdotes and relevant history all on foot, no bus tour.

NOTE: All our free city tours in Cusco (10am – 1pm – 3:30pm – 10am Sundays) are the same or similar, so you can only take one free tour.


Free Tour Meet up Time: 1pm from Monday to Saturday – if you like a free tour on Sundays follow me here.

Meeting PlaceRegocijo Plazoleta in front of CHICHA restaurant.

How to find our Meeting Place? Use as Landmark the Chicha Restaurant(we are in front of it) or The City Hall (we are in front of it), there are many Choco Museos, priorize Regocijo.

Walking Tour Length: 2.5 to 3 hours.

Our Happy Official Tour Guide wears:  Inkan Milky Way Logo on the Yellow Vests, look for this at the Correct Meeting Place.

To bring: Warm Cloth, Hats, sunglasses, walking shoes and a jumper.

Price: FREE – Donation basis.

Language: English only.

NOTE: We are offering currently two Free Tour Departures in Arequipa(10am & 3pm), all of them are the same, so you can only book one of them and make your best from your time in this city.


Spots we are going to visit:

Below itinerary is changeable because of many reasons: festivals, strikes, holydays, car traffics, rainy season, etc. if you are a Blogger, Top rated TripAdvisor Criticizer, Lonely Planet Agent or just a highly demanding customer, then we ask you kindly to check our policies to avoid misunderstandings; Nonetheless we will do our best so that you can have a great experience with us.

  • Join us at Regocijo plazoleta at 1pm, just 50 meters AWAY from the Plaza de Armas, we are in front of the Choco Museo, look for Inkan Milky Way Cusco logo on the Yellow Vests, See our Google Map of Inkan Free Tours by Foot Cusco.
  • Tour starts approx. at 1:10pm.
  • San Francisco Plaza & Saint Claire Arch & San Pedro Church (outdoor explanation).
  • San Pedro Market, designed by Alexander Gustave Eiffel in 1928, learn about Local Life and culture of Indigenous people.
  • Plaza de Armas (Main Square) & Acclla Wasi Temple (outdoor explanation).
  • Palace of Pachaquteq (indoor from Mon to Fri), the 9th emperor & Palace of Inca Tupac Yupanqui (outdoor explanation), the 10th emperor.
  • Peru is the Land of the Inkas and The Land of the best coffees as well, learn about best Peruvian Kopi Luwak.
  • Remember this is free with only a tip at the end so don’t expect bells and whistles¡
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Free Walking Tour Cusco at 1:00 pm
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