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Free Walking Tour Lima From Barranco

Free Walking Tour Lima From Barranco

How can I join your free tour in downtown Lima, if I am staying at Barranco District?

No problem, we understand that there hotels and hostels located in Barranco, therefore we want to make this easy for you, just follow below remarks to experience our Free Walking Tour Lima from Barranco.

  1. The first step is to find the Bulevard Metropolitano Bus station which is just right across the Main Plaza of Barranco,(Be there the latest by 10am) it will take 5 to 10 min to get to the bus station by foot.
  2. Once you are there Buy your Card from the Operator booth, price is 4.50 soles, then REFILL it at the Machine, there are operators there helping people so no worries, just make sure you have some coins, to any destination the price is 2.50 soles per ride, so if you are 2 people, you must have 5 soles in your card – Note, if you are 10 people you don’t need 10 cards, one is enough but make sure you refill it, 10 times 2.50 soles. We advise to buy the card because you will need this also for your way back.
  3. Once your card is refilled, swipe your card and the spin door will be opened, then you go in, how about your other mates? Borrow them your card and let them swipe also.
  4. Once all of you are at the Bus station, MAKE SURE you get on Line C, heading to the NORTH (Hacia al Norte). Just ask local people in there by saying in Spanish: De dónde tomo el Bus para Jirón de la Union?
  5. Once you are in the Bus, it will take 30 min to get to Jirón de la Union, get OFF at this station, the name of the stations are displayed on the screen of the buses and also announced verbally.
  6. Finally from the Jirón de la Union Bus station make your way to the Atrium of La Merced Church, we will be there from 10:50am till 11am, so when you book a fre tour(if you are in Barranco) book for 10:50am free tour meet up time.
  7. If you want extra help in English, regarding this matter dial the following number: +51 958745640 check calling hours here, we speak English.

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