Free Walking Tour Lima Centre at 10am | get picked up in Miraflores district for your city tour Lima

Hold on a second¡¡¡ Are you staying in Miraflores district and you want to tour in Lima city center? If this is your case, then join on this tour¡ we will show you the Cheapest & Fastest way to get to Lima Historical City Center, we will take the Metropolitano Bus system from Miraflores to Lima centre like Locals do, in our Free Walking Tour Lima we will show the most outstanding attractions in The Historical Center such us Santo Domingo Church, The Rimac River or the Old Train Station and more, our Lima free walking tour will definitely be the best option for exploring Lima on your first day, our free City Tour Lima starting in Miraflores is designed and guided by Indigenous & Licensed & Reviewed Tour Guides.

Our 10am Lima FREE Walking Tour (half day city tour) is scheduled for tourists who are staying at Miraflores District, if you are already in downtown Lima check here, if you are in Barranco take a glance here.


Free Tour Meet up Time: 10am from Monday to Saturday – No Sundays

Meeting Place: Calle Schell N° 178 by Oechsle Mall - Don´t be late

How to find us in Miraflores?We are just 2min to 5min AWAY from Kennedy Park (on foot). Use as Landmark shell street, everybody knows this street.

Walking Tour Length: Starting from Miraflores, takes 3.5 hours approx.

Our Happy Official Tour Guide wears: Inkan Milky Way Logo-Sign, look for this at the Correct Meeting Place.

To bring: 2.50 soles for your bus transportation hats, sunglasses, walking shoes and a jumper.

Price: FREE – Donation basis.

Language: Groups in English & Spanish, you choose your language.

To Consider: You might get confused with other people, pls show up at the correct meeting point & Our free tours in Lima are operated by Inkan Milky Way Tours Lima, a 100% Indigenous Peruvian Co, follow us here.

Alluring Spots we’ll see¡


Spots we are going to visit:

Below itinerary is changeable because of many reasons: festivals, strikes, holydays, car traffics, etc. if you are a Blogger, Top rated TripAdvisor Criticizer, Lonely Planet Agent or just a highly demanding customer, then we ask you kindly to check our policies to avoid misunderstandings; Nonetheless we will do our best so that you can have a great experience with us.

  • Staying in Miraflores district? Don´t know how to get to Lima center by public transportation? Don´t know the fastest way to get to Lima center? Then Get Pickep up in Miraflores by joining us at Calle Schell N° 178 by Oechsle Mall at 10am sharp, Look for Inkan Milky Way Lima logo, See our Google Map for Lima free tour – pick up in Miraflores, best Free Tours by Foot.
  • Don´t be late, come on time¡ by 10:05 we will make our way to the Metropolitano Bus station - Give 2.50 soles to your guide, this is for the Bus Ticket – we mean we will take a bus to get to downtown Lima.
  • We will get on the Bus, heading to the NORTH, we get off at “Jirón de la Union Metropolitano Bus station” near La Merced Church Lima.
  • By 10:50am approx. we will arrive to the Bus station, then make our way to La Merced Church. In front of this church we will wait for some other attendees joining us before 11am.
  • Starting 11am sharp, we will begin the real Lima free walking tour.
  • We will visit the Plaza Mayor of Lima & Presidential Palace(outdoor)
  • The Santo Domingo Church (indoor explanation) and the Rimac River as well.
  • San Francisco Church (outdoor explanation) and the Congress Building (outdoor explanation).
  • Palacio de José Bernardo Torre Tagle (Outdoor explanation).
  • Remember this is free with only a tip at the end so don’t expect bells and whistles¡
  • We finish our walk near the Plaza Mayor of Lima, just 1 min by walking.
  • Tourists who want to get back to Miraflores by using the Metropolitano Bus system, will be helped, you can have our word for it.
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Meeting Point Map for our Lima Free Tours at 10am (get Picked up in Miraflores) – Google maps

We are not just a WebSite, We are REVIEWED by more than 250 testimonials, decide wisely¡¡¡

We are not just a WebSite, We are REVIEWED by more than 250 testimonials, decide wisely¡¡¡

Free Walking Tour Lima at 10am
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