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Are you ready to explore the world on foot? Then don´t wait anymore to join the best free walking tours worldwide with 100% local guides, who are knowledgeable and super happy about their job. Explore the world with our friends, who will be looking forward to showing you their city, history, culture and even their local cuisine.

As it is in Peru, Germany, or the United States, our friends' walking tours also operate through generous donations; please remember to inquire how much the average recommended tip according to the city. Click below on any of our recommended free tours and have an enjoyable experience.

recommended free tour in argentina: free tour salta

Enjoy a walk while you hear the background sounds of the old colonial town of Salta. We will visit the city’s highlights, including the old town hall, the cathedral, and the magnificent Franciscan convent and learn about the heroes and stories of the most beautiful town in the north of Argentina.

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recommended free tour in in spain: free walking tour san fermin

You will get to know the most amazing places of Pamplona, their history and relationship with the festivals, make the best of your journey in San Fermín by joining the pioneering free walking tour company, San Fermin Free Tour, Spain.

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free walking tour nomad

Nomad Walking Tours LLC is happy to offer the first and only Free Las Vegas Walking Tour of the world-famous Las Vegas Strip, unveil our city with our professional tour guides.

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recommended free tour in Italy: free walking tour naples

During our free walking tours, you will be able to discover what is not included in the traditional visit and classic itineraries. The excursions will let you feel and experience authentical insight into Naples, by successfully mixing a tour to less well-known places with genuine moments of the local people’s daily living.

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recommended free tour in Argentina: free walking tour buenos aires

In this free tour, you get a historical and political perspective of our city, starting from the National Congress and walking the grand boulevard of Avenida de Mayo, with its architecture and sites, revealing the most glorious and terrible periods of our history.

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recommended free tour in the Netherlands: freedam free walking tours amnterdam

Join us on a fantastic journey through the infamous streets of Amsterdam. Discover how freedom and tolerance transformed a simple fisherman’s village into the center of a vast trading empire and understand how these values continue to shape its liberal attitudes today.

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recommended free tour in in Croatia: wayoudo free walking tours

Free walking tour explicitly tailored for the young and everybody who feels that way! Take a 2-hour walk with a local guide and visit all the must-see places, find out where to eat, drink or go out and a great deal of other fun activities.

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recommended free tour in Czech Republic: free walking tour prague

Discover the most famous sights and hidden gems of Prague in four unique tours at no cost conducted in English. Free Walking Tour Prague is the only free tour operating in the Czech capital providing a complete tour of Prague totally on a complimentary contribution basis.

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recommended free tour in Spain: free walking tour valencia

At Valencia Explorers, we do the best Free Walking Tour in Valencia! During 2 hours and a half to 3 hours, we will take you through the best monuments and sites in the old town of this beautiful city, and we’ll tell you the stories behind them.

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recommended free tour in in China: HK tour hong kong

The First free walking tour in Hong Kong, we are Local young people who are passionate about promoting local culture and showing you genuine Hong Kong.

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recommended free tour in Poland: good cracow free walking tours

At Good Cracow Tours, we know travelers and we know how to run free walking tours! We have stood in your shoes and learned how to make them more comfortable. We keep our costs low, but our expectations high so you don’t have to choose between the quality of the tour and one more delicious Polish vodka for dinner.

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recommended free tour in on china: hong kong free tours

There is a story behind each place we set foot on, each person we meet, and each culture we experience. We are the locals in Hong Kong who want to share our Hong Kong stories with you. The idea of Hong Kong Free Tours is to bring you the best Hong Kong tour experience without the financial support of any business or governmental involvement.

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recommended free tour in Sweden: free tour stockholm

Our excellent walking tours in Stockholm, Sweden, are free to take so that everybody can enjoy them, Free Tour Stockholm guides will show you this fantastic city history. The walk takes 1.5 to 2 hours. Tip your guide in proportion as to how much you love the tour.

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recommended free tour in sweden: free walking tour stockholm

The Free Tour Stockholm City start at Old Town. This free walking tour goes beyond introducing the sites. We will guide you through the city’s fascinating history from its darkest hours to its brightest moments.

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recommended free tour in greece: athens free walking tour

Get an inside look at the Cradle of Western Civilization on foot. You will discover many of the city's hidden gems that tourist buses can’t reach. To join one of our walks merely contact us with the date that you would like to participate. We will reserve a place for you and send you the exact details as soon as possible.

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recommended free tour in france: happy strasnourg tours

In the Happy Strasbourg team, we are all native and passionate guides. Our goal is that during the visit, you feel like you are walking with a friend who is always happy, engaging, and ready to give you all the bits of advice you need, so no more hesitation book a tour now.

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recommended free tour in serbia: belgrade free tour

We are an independent team of local tour guides, who are genuinely passionate about Belgrade and its life-style, in our walks we intend to present you to the lifestyles, customs, and character of the locals by giving you a more in-depth insight into everything the city has to offer.

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recommended free tour in singapore: monster day tours

Monster Day Tours is the No.1 Free Walking Tour Operator in Singapore. We focus on authentic local experiences, hidden gems and exploring off-the-beaten paths in Singapore.

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recommended free tour in Australia: free tour sydney

Take our walking tour first to explore The City and The Rocks, then the bus tour to discover areas further away from the town that are not accessible by foot. Those areas are a must-see in Sydney. You will find our city to be the most beautiful in the world

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recommended free tour in Chile: spicy chile

We are an independent com­pany, founded by backpackers that after traveling in more than 50 countries realized that tourists in Chile were not getting what they deserved. That was the genesis of Spicy Chile, where we believe that every traveler has the right to take full advan­tage of touring the city.

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recommended free tour in england: london free walking tours

Welcome to Free London Walking Tours! We offer seven different free walking tours, more than any other company in London! We are a small, independent company; this means our tour groups are much smaller than other free tour operators (usually less than 15 people).

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recommended free tour in Taipei: like it formosa

Get Started, See Taipei from a local’s perspective with friendly and knowledgeable tour guides travelers from all over the world.

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recommended free tour in colombia: heroes colombia

Heroes Tour is a premium walking tour, which enables tourists to discover Bogota's center, taste eight delicious local flavors and come to understand all the recent history of the country, beyond the clichés and taboos, Most importantly, you will learn about Colombian heroes.

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recommended free tour in brasil: free walker tours paraty

It is impossible to ignore the history of Paraty! Our Paraty Free Walking Tour will show you all the secrets and hidden gems of the charming historical center. You will feel as if you went back 250 years in time.

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recommended free tour in chile: tours 4 tips

Four tours in Valparaiso + Santiago + Viña del Mar + San Pedro de Atacama. The morning tours will take you to the undiscovered, and the afternoon tours will bring you to the highlights giving insight on why they are so unique to their cities.

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recommended free tour in spain: mallorca free tour

Mallorca Free Tour is for the general public and is made up of small groups. Discover the history and emblematic buildings of the old city of Palma! Furthermore, you will learn about secret places, corners, and Majorcan lifestyle. Ask to your guide for the best places to enjoy the island.

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les petites du monde

Passionnée de voyage depuis bien longtemps, j’ai d’abord voyagé en famille entre l’Europe et l’Afrique. Puis aux USA pendant mes études.

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recommended free tour in Lithuania: vilnius free walking tour

We are a team of friendly, motivated and qualified local tour guides in Vilnius, Lithuania, our team consists of historians, economists, journalists, lawyers, and linguists, we hope to seeing you soon!

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recommended free tour in italia: free walking tour italia

Join the biggest Italian network for Free Walking Tours and Experiences in Italy, choose our next destination and discover the city with us! Bergamo, Pisa, Bologna, Modena, Venice, Torino, Bari, Verona, Florence, Rome, Naples, Milan, Palermo, Catania, Lecce, Barletta, Cagliari, Lucca and many more.

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recommended free tour in belgium: free walking tour brussels

Away from "GrandPlace-MannekenPis-Atomium", Brussels By Foot wants to help you discover a whole new side of Brussels. Join our original and tailor-made walking tours, following a passionate guide into real places, meeting real people! See, feel, taste, smell and experience Brussels like a real Brusseleir!

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